A Place To Go

The County of San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health Clubhouses partner with and empower individuals and family members in successfully accessing peer driven opportunities that enhance and support quality of life, overall wellness, recovery, and resilience.

  • Respect in a supportive environment
  • Non-judgmental acceptance
  • Encouragement and support
  • Personal choice and autonomy
  • Personal responsibility
  • Focus on solutions, not problems

We envision a world that honors, accepts, and empowers individual's innovative recovery and wellness without stigma.

Clubhouse Vision Statement

  • Arts as a method to recovery and wellness
  • Enhancing and empowering members through groups and enrichment activities
  • A place to go that values mutual respect without judgment
  • A place where personal safety is valued and respected
  • A member-run clubhouse
  • Supporting the clubhouse through fundraising
  • An environment that promotes accountability
  • Communicating feelings in a respectful manner
  • Peers and staff working together
  • The encouragement of an active and healthy lifestyle

Center Principles

Clubhouse Mission Statement

Amazing Place Values